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Installling the engine !


darn it !
I forgot to post a lot of the pictures that I have stored in different places, so here are the pictures of the engine installation.
The Motor Mounts on the FFR frame don't actually match those of the 03 Cobra engine, while others that have used older Cobra engines reported no trouble, again this is the first time EVER someone has installed an 03 SVT Cobra Engine in a Factory Five !

enjoy the pics !

installing engine
My friend Ken Bush helping me install the Monster !

installing engine
The frame needs to be at an angle where the back of it is up high in the air and the front the lowest possible, remember that the Cherry Picker's legs need to go under the frame, so no wheels allowed, also place 2 jackstands under the front 4" tube perpendicular to the firewall, the engine also needs to go in at a sharp angle. In my case I decided to use Cargo Straps (thanks to BOB ZOOK !!)

Installing engine
now, the engine is almost in... a combination of pulling, pushing and lowering, pushing, pulling making sure nothing hits, remember to remove the Transmission shifter, and the Tranny fluid as well

The engine is almost in position, Factory Five Moved the motor mounts 1" forward from the position previously set in the MKI's and MKII's. and actually the motor Mounts don't really match those of the 03 SVT Cobra Engine, so I'll have to fabricate spacers... more to come on this

The engine is now sitting in place, but the front Crank pulling is almost hitting the front 4" tube, the 03 Cobra engine is different in many aspects from those of previous years, including a DUAL serpentine belts system, that my friends, was not thought of by the FFR engineers.... what e v e r !... I'll make it work somehow.

For the engine to sit properly.... For the engine to sit properly made a couple of spacers...

I tought of different ideas in a 2 month period debating on this, I even went to visit a local machine shop that especializes on making custom motor Mounts for race cars, and their mounts seemed like the best and most secure solution, but they asked me to bring in the frame and engine in it, so that they could design their motor mounts, I've forgotten their website now, but their motor mounts looked pretty good.
The best solution for this is to cut and reweld new frame mounts at the right angle, notch the front 4" tube to clear the front Crank pulley and modify a little bit the removable tranny mount, so that the whole drivetrain sits leveled, or have FFR weld and notch/move the front 4" crossmember forward, of course they won't do it
That was too complicated for me, so I decided to make my own Polyurethane Motor Mounts-to-FFR FrameMount spacers, cut at the right angle (5 degrees), slotted and drilled to fit sandwiched in between.
I played with the idea of having a machine shop do that for me, instead, and thanks to Scott (friend) for a clever suggestion: Why not make the spacers out of DELRIN? the strongest plastic known to exist, so Here they are:
(sorry, I did not take pictures while they were out):
Pass side motor mount as seen from the top and thru the 4into4 headers

Pass side motor mount, I had to replace the stud for a longer one, (about 1" longer)

Pass side motor mount , under the car view, the aftermarket motor mounts basically stay stock, only replacing the stud

Driver side motor mount as seen from the bottom of the car

Driver side motor mount as seen from the bottom of the car

Pass side motor mount as seen from the bottom of the car

As you can see a longer stud was needed to accomplish going thru the spacer and the FFR mount, this is an advantage with the aftermarket motor mounts as they can be taken apart for this operation. The stock motor mounts are one piece and cannot be taken apart, besides they are too soft and will bend and twist easily.
There you have it.

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